Nano Dimension DragonFly 2020 Pro Printer

DragonFly 2020 Pro is transforming additive manufacturing for electronics development by empowering companies to take control of their entire development cycles by 3D printing their own circuit boards. From proofs of concept and to design validation and testing fixtures, in-house 3D printing of multilayer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), sensors, antennas, magnetic components, molded connected devices, nonplanar geometries or other electronic elements, shortens design and test cycles, from months or weeks to days.

DragonFly 2020 Pro is a multi-material 3D printer that brings together an extremely precise inkjet deposition printer, dedicated nano inks, and novel software so designers and engineers can effortlessly print conductive and insulating materials in one print job. The DragonFly Pro makes it possible to print electronic circuits directly into components to create both standard and truly revolutionary fully functional free-form electronics, within hours. In addition, the full range of PCB features can be 100% printed – including interconnections such as vias, through-holes and complex geometries – without etching, drilling, plating, or waste.

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